January 8, 2015

Wedding Update: when things don't go as planned.

My life is not going as planned right now, but most of all the whole wedding business. It has been a while since my last wedding 'update' - and nothing has changed! Except that the location that I thought we had picked is not an option anymore and we are once again starting to look for a new place. Less than 5 months from our wedding day, I should mention.

Here is what happened: a month ago or so we went to try the menu we had chosen. We were really excited for it, as we both love food and loved the idea to have dinner in our future wedding location, and get a little glimpse of what it would look like on the big day. Well, to make it short: the food was horrible. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures, but what should have been an Entrecote with various vegetables and mashed potatoes turned out to be a not particularly good piece of meat with 1 little piece of zucchini, bell pepper and eggplant. It was literally meat with three really really small pieces of vegetable. The rest of the menu was more or less in the same line, and the absolutely worst was the wedding cake, a nightmare consisting of weird cheese cream topped with green glibber. I am not exaggerating when I say that I would be so ashamed to serve this food to my guests.

Call us naive, but we didn't see this coming, as this was one of the more expensive places we had visited. Price in this case clearly does not equal quality. That day, Alberto's parents had accompanied us and his mother made a real scene. I also don't shy away from some constructive criticism, but this woman is dangerous when she gets mad ;) Well turns out it was only the beginning of a long process, trying to get our money back. We had made a pre-payment to make a reservation for our wedding day, and they refused to return the money. Only after increasingly threatening phone calls and even consulting a lawyer, they would finally give in. Until today, we have not received the money because they were oh so busy during the holidays. But well, it can only be a matter of days now.

 Besides that I thought I had found a wedding dress, until my mom flew in to see it with me and let's just say she didn't like it. We went to see some more dresses and there were some that worked for both of us. But somehow my joy and excitement has disappeared between this and the venue disaster and right now I am just miserably asking myself why the heck I should spend so much money for a darn dress. I'm sure the day of our wedding will be great and I'll think this was all worth it, but right now I wish we could live eternally as boyfriend & girlfriend in a romantic relationship without the bureaucratic hassle! ha.

January 6, 2015


Yes, it's this time of the year again. The Winter-Sales are starting tomorrow! Yesterday I skimmed through some stores just to see what I might want to get, and there were so many people like me not buying anything, just taking a last minute look before the crazyness and long lines on Wednesday. Definitely a lot of anticipation in the air haha. So one of my resolutions this year is to spend less money on clothes. My closet is exploding and I don't need anything new. I don't know how I'll do it yet, if I'll just get a monthly budget or just really think it over everytime I buy something, but the crazy shopping has to stop So I thought I could just put together some pieces that I think might be worth to consider. I never buy expensive brands and only in rare occasions spend more than 50 € on an item, so most of these are pretty cheap anyways :)

Fur Coats:
let me precede by saying that I am 100 % against the use of real fur, so those are all fake :) Fur Jackets have been a huge thing this winter and I kind of love the look of them. Not sure if I get one though because they are so hard to keep clean :)

Camel Coats:

I've wanted one for a long time, but and usually they are quite pricey. So maybe now is the moment to get one. I like those two from Mango... 

A dress:

I have been eyeing this Zara dress for quite some time. I obviously don't need it, but I think it is a nice dress that I could wear to all kind of occasions.

Some Basics:
Plaid Shirt (Mango) , Knit Sweater (Asos), Basic Blazer in amazing Rust Color (Pull & Bear)

Enough said :)

January 4, 2015


Before you ask: I am not a Cullen. I took these pictures in the last rays of the evening sun and somehow look extremely white in them :) I always have pictures of dresses and skirts on here, but in my day to day I am actually more of a pants girl. I just feel more special when wearing a nice dress or skirt. I love each and every one of the pieces I am wearing today. Many of you seemed to like the hat I was already wearing in the last post. My Mom got it in Karstadt (for my readers from Germany, that is where you can find it... it was a bargain, less than 20 € ;)). Skinnies are always a safe choice and I like those dark green ones for fall/winter. I'm wearing a denim shirt under the knit sweater and love the combination. Last but not least, when I was 17 ( 10 years ago... :( ) Ponchos where THE thing. So back then I saved for a nice one, that I ended up giving aways later. So this year I decided the Poncho Hype wasn't for me and always use my big scarves for that kind of look.
Nothing better than staple pieces. What do you think?

January 1, 2015

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Sorry for this much used quote as a header, but I really think that little actions each and every day can have a lasting impact on our lives. It is never to late, and nothing is impossible. And what better day to start all over then the first day of a new year. 2013 was a really good year for me in pretty much every sense. I scored a great job, I found us a great flat and my boyfriend proposed, to sum it up really quickly. I remember thinking that I was disgustingly lucky in everything that year and that I really couldn't ask for anything else. 2014 in turn was a crappy year. Both me and my fiance were not entirely happy at work, his family had some health scares, I was feeling homesick pretty much the whole year, the wedding preparation was not going as we planned, I had horrible Insomnia attacks (no sleep for days...), and we had some huge quarrels as we tried to figure out where life would take us. 2014 taught me more than every other year how important it is to have friends and family, who will never fail you even when everything else fails. After all the difficulties and dramas we had at home, Alberto and I figured out a plan that would work for me and him, and our relationship has never been stronger.

2015 is going to be a crazy year. We'll move, I am right now looking for a new job and we'll finally get married. Alberto is learning German and I hope to find him a job over there, but ready to be the sole breadwinner for some time. I am really curious how I will feel about 2015 a year from now, but right now I can't wait for all the craziness to begin and start over again. I hope we'll grow and learn and emerge as better persons from this year.

Last but not least, I also have some NY resolutions (I feel it helps to write them down ;))
- Work harder
- Get to sleep in the actual bed again. Insomnia...
- Don't accept excuses from myself or others
- Take up my French classes again
- SAVE MONEY. seriously now, I spend too much money on clothes. It has to stop.
- Try to eat less Sugar
- Run a semi Marathon
- Be better with daily sunscreen
- Be a good daughter to my parents, friend to my friends and lover to my Love ;)

December 31, 2014


Isn't it crazy how quickly the holidays pass after all the anticipation. Today is the last day of the year and the end of the festive period. I've been home for a week (back in BCN now) and I wanted to share some impressions with you. You can say what you want, we know how to Christmas in Germany. I love long walks through the lit up streets, meetings with friends at the Christmas market, drinking hot wine and cider, and just how festive and merry everything is. Christmas is when I get to see all my childhood friends and my heart feels like it is going to burst. How much I love those girls. I tried to make the most out of each and every day and got up early, meeting my friends, going for a run/hike, meeting other friends, going out at night... in other words, completely exhausted but incredibly happy. So much love in the air. My brother was on Cuba the whole month of December, so I didn't see him unfortunately. He is the best brother one could possibly have and I adore him. So on Christmas it was me and my parents, who don't get along very well but tried to make an effort. I enjoyed these days like a little child and am so bummed that they are over!

On December 24 it started to snow in the mountains, and on the 27th, one day after I left, it snowed down in the valley. SO DISAPPOINTED I MISSED IT! I hope you enjoy the pictures, even though they don't come even close to the real thing.

December 29, 2014

OMG Fashionblog?

I have a love-hate relationship with myself for the increasing share of outfit posts on my blog. Everytime I pose awkwardly in our backyard (with selftimer, of course...) I wonder why I am not able to bring on any more significant content. I love and read many fashionblogs myself daily, but somehow I thought I was aspiring to something different... Especially because there are so many great fashion bloggers out there. Who wants to "compete" with them? BUT as a working girl that despises parties, sans children, I only have a limited number of things going on that I could possibly share here on the blog.

Of course, there is my Expat-Life and our weekend trips, but then I can't talk all the time about the challenges and blessings here in Spain and unfortunately we have spent the last 2 months or so in Barcelona so no Weekend-Trips either. Probably I am not very creative. And then of course it is nice and easy to take 4 pictures, resize and upload them, compared to coming up with something smart and inspiring. I am aware that professional fashionbloggers do put a lot more work in their pictures and posts, so not trying to make it sound like a walk in the park. Anyways I am hoping to come up with different topics his week :)

About today's Outfit, it is the usual mix of Zara and Mango, except for the hat that my Mom gave me for Christmas ! I love that this dress is so versatile, it can be worn in summer and winter which I can't say of too many of my dresses. I only own black, beige and leather brown shoes, so no surprise here :)
Thanks for reading!!!!

December 27, 2014

Dresses for NYE

Do you care much about NYE? Because I don't. I know, great introduction to a post about dresses for NYE. But in my experience its just the most expensive and least remarkable party of the year. Talk about overrated. I would love to rent a remote house just for me and my friends and cook dinner for all, but most people want to go out and dance the night away, so we'll eventually end up at the typical incredibly crowded club. I am a little excited about dresses for NYE though and I put a small selection together. There are long dresses, short dresses, modest dresses that could be worn every day, sexy dresses, plain dresses and the inevitable lace and sequins. And all are under 100 € :)

What do you think about this dress? I know it looks a little meh, but with nice hair and some gold accessories, I think this would be gorgeous. And can be worn after all this crazyness is over. I like the dye effect and the auburn color. Not sure about the belt. (Dress by Zara)

Same here. Imagine the dress with long locks, gold high heels, a nice purse, and some festive Makup. Clearly this is not your typical party dress but depending from your plans I think it could turn out beautiful. (Dress by Zara)

This one is rather on the sexy site... love the green lace. The same dress is also available in black. (Dress by Topshop)
For those not afraid to show some skin, again I love the color and this little velvet dress definitely made to impress! (Dress by Topshop)
Sequins in this color? Yes please .... (Topshop)

Little black dress... (Topshop) 
Maxi with a twist... (Topshop)
If I had real curves, I would only wear fitted midi dresses like this one . I'm sure on a curvy woman this one would be a show stopper. (Topshop)
In Loveeee with this Maxi Dress! (Topshop)